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040 021 8617
Who is callng???
3 weeks ago
040 207 5768
Sorry, we accidental called you.
1 month ago
040 132 8751
Multiple calls I've answered go straight to on-hold music. I have blocked number now
1 month ago
040 300 8396
Random call, when I tried to call it back it says it is d/c... dodgy
1 month ago
040 301 8165
Do not trust this number
2 months ago
040 976 2522
Tony left message to call back. I called back, he had no idea who I was, then said ah yes want a massage on a Thursday- I said I’m unavailable due to working full time, I said I could put him onto someone else and he says no, call him back when I have a Thursday available. I won’t be calling back. Have blocked number.
8 months ago
040 418 2981
Get calls from this number, no one talks then hangs up and when you call it back it says number has call Restrictions on
8 months ago
040 869 3361
Ringing continuously, don't speak, just blank.
9 months ago
040 325 1532
Not sure whose calling but only short tone ring, no message left, I guessed it wasn't important at all.
9 months ago
040 058 1916
No caller ID. Called my mobile 3 times within 25 min. Didn't leave a message. I messaged them back asking who they are and what do they want. No reply.
9 months ago
042 102 8795
Beautiful number
1 week ago
045 105 6961
loud Chinese sounding recorded message, unable to understand.
1 week ago
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