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028 867 4506
Fraud scammers unknown identity of the person and accent
1 week ago
021 285 0876
These call center people phones you and as soon as you answer they drop the caal. Who knows what they then write as a response to the call only God knows.
2 weeks ago
027 471 3949
Please DO NOT ring me. I am not interested in your b******* call.
3 weeks ago
021 492 7348
Please why are you calling me and not talking
4 weeks ago
021 483 0318
Missed call
1 month ago
021 492 7423
Who was phoning me cz I don't know the number
1 month ago
021 140 0021
1 month ago
021 879 2139
who is this
1 month ago
021 401 1928
I got a missed call from this number
1 month ago
021 879 2130
I received a call from this number while I was working at a client; when the lady who identified herself as Ruby, started her "I am calling from Destinations Unlimited"-spiel, I interrupted her (since I was working), saying that I am not interested. The next moment she got very aggressive, how can I know that I'm not interested when I haven't given her an opportunity to tell me everything, it is extremely rude of me (!) to interrupt her and then she put the phone down on me. Guaranteed, I will NEVER do business with Destinations Unlimited.
1 month ago
021 421 0968
I missed a call from this number, please contact me back
1 month ago
021 492 7423
Which company do this phone number belong
1 month ago
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