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010 443 3524
It must be a debt collection compony.You can report them at Council for debt Collectors at 0128049808.
12 hours ago
010 109 4545
Mtn contract upgrades
2 days ago
010 880 3629
This is a legitimate company with branches across country. Not Spam.
2 days ago
010 109 9164
Can i please get another call
5 days ago
010 443 3529
This number keeps calling me advising me they have a parcel to deliver to me from web Africa and have an old address of mine.
5 days ago
010 443 3538
This number called me and told they will deliver my documents from my previous company
6 days ago
010 443 3531
This number has been harassing me for the last week. 5 - 8 calls a day.
6 days ago
010 822 6706
Please make sure that if this numbers belongs to the fraudsters you put them in jail and throw away the keys, fed up
1 week ago
010 443 3552
They called me and said they have my brown envelope,they don't want to disclose where it from
1 week ago
010 494 3277
I missed a call from this number
1 week ago
010 592 1979
When answered, though, this line cuts off, as has been happening with a lot of incoming calls starting with 0105
1 week ago
010 443 3551
Please do not confirm any of your details, especially physical address if they call you and say they are a courier company that has your delivery of cosmetics , winnings, parcel etc.....they are not a legitimate company, they might be fraudsters or debt collectors...' Be on the Alert"
2 weeks ago
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